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We all know that a great logo makes any brand or company stick in your mind indefinitely. Just think of McDonalds, Coca Cola, Apple to name but a few.

But how would you know what makes a great logo? The importance of having a great logo cannot be understated. A logo is the face of a business – it’s the first thing clients see, and we all know we’re a first-impression society. To make a great logo it needs a designers understanding of what the logo should represent for the client company, as well as that creative touch to bring it to life.

At Avalon Print & Design, we think to make a great logo, it should:

  • Be different – set your brand or company apart from your competitors.
  • Use expressive colour – Different shades & colours can have different effects on people.
  • Be Simple – Don’t overcomplicate your logo – it needs to make a quick statement. Have no taglines if possible – Although taglines can be important for a company’s image, they should be separate from the logo.
  • Stick in your memory – So the next time a customer needs your kind of product or service, brand recognition will kick in and they will think of you.
  • Use a suitable font – Select your font based on the type of business or brand you are creating the logo for i.e. – for a Rugby team, you should avoid a delicate & fancy font.

For more details on how Avalon Print can design a great logo for your brand or business, contact our design team on 01 8258011 email: info@avalonprint.ie