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Your signage is an integral part of the marketing mix for your business, so to its crucial to ensure that it works to its most full potential. Poor or average signage can render your business virtually invisible, where as a well-designed, attention grabbing sign can make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Here are some tips on how to make your signage stand out against the rest.

Use short written text

Decide on the key message that you want your sign to display and keep the details to a minimum. Too much writing on a sign can make it look cluttered and affect it’s overall impact.

Avoid Understating

Although your brand may be understated in nature, try not to be too understated on your signage or you run the risk of disappearing. Illumination or 3Dlettering can make even an understated logo or brand image stand out. Great design can help ensure that your brand values are adhered to and that even if you are elegant and understated you still make a strong visual impact.

Be aware of your environment & surrounds

If you are situated in a crowded retail space, with signs all competing for your customer’s attention, its imperative to think about what is most likely to stand out among your surroundings, the landscape, other buildings and other signs and create your signage accordingly.

Have the right sign placement

Right placement of your sign, can greatly impact the visibility of your signage. Size, shape, height are all important factors, but please remember other less thought of elements, such as the way the sun is facing, or how weather will affect your signage? Will this also affect people seeing your sign? The right placement is crucial to determining how impactful your sign will be.


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