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Is the traditional business card dead? Some say in the digital age that the business card is now obsolete and ask themselves why do you still need a business card?

We believe that business cards are still an important part of doing business and we have outlined below the top 8 reasons why you still need a business card.

  1. Business card designs are evolving to be more innovative to compete in this digital world, they also give your potential clients something tangible to remember you by.
  2. Business cards are one of the most inexpensive marketing pieces your company will ever produce
  3. It’s easier to have a business card with contact information than to try and remember or find something to write it on.
  4. Business cards don’t require high tech gadgets or apps.
  5. Not everyone lives in the online world.
  6. Business cards are a “lo tech” expression of identity.
  7. People are still conditioned to ask for and expect to receive business cards. It’s a socially encouraged activity,
    “you got a business card on you? I’ll give you a call . . .”
  8. Business card swapping is the first step to long-term business relationship.


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