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Have you asked any of your customers recently how they found you? You might be surprised at how many might just say “I saw your sign passing”! If you want your business to stand out, your signs have to stand out. We have identified five ways how signs can help grow your business.

1. Make It Stand Out & Grab Attention
Effective signage needs to grab your potential customers attention and hold it just long enough for your sign to make its pitch. If it doesn’t fulfil that criteria, you are wasting your time, this is especially true when opening a new business. Your sign needs to say look at me—because if you don’t, you’re going to miss out!

2. Let Customers Know You’re Open for Business Day or Night
If your business opens late or even 24 hours, why not consider an illuminated sign to tell your passing customers.

3. Promotion of your offers
Point-of-sale signs can have an immeasurably positive effect on the way your customers order food, make a purchase, or notice a new deal. Effective point-of-sale signs will grab attention with the subtle hint that if the customer doesn’t read it, they might miss out on the current deals.

4. Customer Direction
Directing customers to the right place to park, or to your phone number, or to your website is crucial to ensure that business keeps flowing in the right direction.

5. Persuasion
Good signs can do the persuading by themselves. They might not always make the final sale for you, but they can be the difference between hooking in a new customer’s attention and letting someone who might have otherwise bought from your business go by.

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