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What your company’s logo design should say about your business?

A logo design begins with the owner first being passionate about it. When the owner loves the company logo, there’s a great chance that the business’s customers & stakeholders will too. We have summarised some essentials we believe is required when designing a professional business logo.


Your new company logo needs to be contemporary but also needs to be able to stand the test of time. You can do this by using simple designs and avoiding catch of the day tactics, e.g. Pop culture references or fads.

Your Logo needs to be credible, your customer demographic has to believe in it. This can be achieved by adding the number of years the company is established for example.

Customers need to know that your company has class. No matter how amusing or edgy a logo may seem, it has to be respectful of all audiences.

As well as your logo needing to be credible, it is imperative that it establishes a connection with its customers. An eye-catching symbol is one wat to achieve this.

Your logo needs to exude your company or brands personality. Try get everyone involved in the process and offering feedback. A strategic use of colours, shapes and overall design can easily accomplish this


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