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How many times have you passed by a billboard and not even noticed the content? Or there was too much to read, so you had no clue what the billboard advert was even promoting?  How do you overcome this when designing an effective billboard ad?


Below our design team have put together 7 tips for designing an effective billboard ad:

1. The Less words the better – Most effective billboard ads use five words or less, they orchestrate the key advertising message through a simple visual instead.

2. Use the right Typography – Text must be large, thick and precise for people to notice and read in a short space of time and from a distance.

3. Show them the product or Service – Better to show your audience the product than tell them about it.

4. Be Straight Forward – The Simpler the ad the better, people won’t have time to decipher a complex advertising message if driving by it in a few seconds.

5. Don’t Always need a Call to action – . All a billboard needs to do is create a memorable advert that makes the viewer aware of what the brand’s name is and what its product does.

6. Focus on Visuals – People would rather see the product in action than read about it.

7. Don’t Distract – You need to find a balance where your ad gets your key marketing message across but doesn’t distract divers and potentially affect their safety.


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