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One of the more frequent queries we get from business owners is that they would like to brand their vehicle with graphics and logos, but have no idea what to put on it exactly. We believe that effective vehicle branding is pretty simple and our design team follow the below quick step guide when starting any vehicle branding job for our clients.

Our Quick Step Guide to effective vehicle branding:

Needs to Be Attention Grabbing – This is our favourite part as we need to make our clients vehicle branding stand out from the crowd. It is irrelevant how good our clients product and service is if their potential customers can’t even notice their vehicle amongst the others on the road. This doesn’t mean your vehicle branding needs to be bright, loud or even controversial. It simply means that if you are going to do any vehicle branding, your first step is to get people to notice you, stand out from all the other white and silver vehicles on the road.

Needs to briefly tell them what you do – Once you have managed to grab your market’s attention with your vehicle branding, you need to quickly tell them what you do. Logos and names mean absolutely nothing when a potential customer has to guess what product or service you offer. Tell them what you do and keep it simple, no need for creativity here. Use language that people can understand, keep your fonts easy to read and keep the layout simple.

Needs to be simple for them to make the next step to contact you with a Call to Action

So now you have grabbed your potential customers attention with your effective vehicle branding, they know exactly what you do, so now what do you want them to do? Do you want them to call you, email you, go to your website or do you want them to SMS you? Whatever your call to action is, make it simple for the customer to understand and follow. This is the quick step guide we use to create effective vehicle branding campaigns for all our clients.

For more details on how Avalon Print can effectively brand your vehicle contact our design team on 01 8258011 email: info@avalonprint.ie