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With Google set to release their biggest update in years on the 21st of April 2015, it is imperative that you ensure your website is ready for Google’s algorithm update. Failure to do so could have a huge impact on your search engine rankings if you and your website are not fully prepared.

Why are Google doing this? Their reasoning is that it will offer a better search experience for mobile users, so ultimately, if your website is not mobile ready, your web traffic and search rankings could take a fall.

Here are some steps on how you can ensure your website is prepared for this algorithm change.

Step 1: Put your website through Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ If you get a green score, your website is mobile friendly, if not, and you get a red score, we go on to step 2 below.

Step 2: Using Google’s Webmaster tools, you can check your mobile usability stats. This site and tools will help you identify any problems that are damaging your websites mobile friendliness.

Step 3: Contact your website provider or webmaster. If you have received a red notification on Google’s mobile friendly site, you need to speak to them to get a solution. If they cannot provide one, contact a website company who can.

Step 4: If you have redesigned a new site or made tweaks to your existing site to make it more mobile friendly, you need to test it thoroughly and regularly. Do this on your own smartphone or tablet to ensure pages, links, images, formatting are displaying correctly.

Once you have your site at the mobile friendly stage, now all you have to do is keep it updated with relevant and local content, and watch it climb the Google search engine ladder even further.


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