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We have all been there, we have an image in our head of what we think we want our new logo, website, stationery, flyer, business card etc… etc….to look like, but we want to speak to a professional, local graphic designer to turn our vision into reality. Or on the other hand we may have no idea what we want at all and need some creative inspiration……..So where do you begin?

Most of us will start looking at our local graphic designer. So what should you check for when debating whether or not they can provide the divine creativity you need?


You need to…………….

  • Ascertain their level of experience, type of client, list of customers, referrals and review their testimonials. This will provide an accurate indication of how they deal with you the client.
  •  Ask to see their portfolio or recent samples of their work. Is their work in line with what you want to get done?
  •  Find out how qualified the designer is, not all designers will have a degree, remember it’s the creativity and ability to do the job that you’re looking for at the end of the day.
  •  Discuss job cost, hourly rates and cost reductions for multiple items…..please remember the cheapest should not be the sole criteria you use in selecting your graphic designer.
  •  Determine if they can meet your deadlines and offer you continuity of supply.
  •  Agree any additional terms and conditions.


If your local graphic designer has satisfied the above criteria, you will have taken the necessary steps to making the right graphic design decision….We at Avalon Print and Design are proud to be constantly referred to as the preferred and trusted local graphic designer.

For more details on how Avalon Print can help you with graphic design contact our design team on 01 8258011 email: info@avalonprint.ie