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How to find a good local printer

A good local printer is an absolute must for any business from the smallest one man band to the headquarters of massive multinationals. So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff and make sure you are getting best value?

Your local printer should be accessible

It doesn’t matter how “local” your printer is if they don’t return your calls or answer your emails. Printing is as much about the level of service you receive as anything else because this can drastically affect the end product. Your printer should be available to talk to you same day when you are working together on a job and should consult you on any decisions that may affect the outcome of the job.

A printer ought to be transparent with all their customers

From being absolutely clear on what different bits of printing terminology mean to being totally transparent about prices, your printer should be willing to share the detail and the rationale behind every aspect of their products and services. A good printer will explain everything in plain English and show you examples of different finishes etc. if you are not clear on what the end product will look like. They will also be happy to explain any movements in costs.

A local printer must know their stuff

If you just wanted ink on paper, you’d do it yourself on any old desktop inkjet printer and it’s worth remembering that the reason you go to a good local printer is that you expect a quality result. Any printer worth their salt will be able to take a brief on your requirements and then make lots of helpful suggestions about the type of material you print on, what printing process is used etc.

A good local printer comes highly recommended by people you trust

It sounds obvious, but in our rushed modern lives, we often forget to ask simple questions to people that we trust about who they’ve used and would recommend. We sometimes all fall victim to making the obvious big brand choice because it’s more convenient at that moment than actually finding out who can do the job best. A good local printer is worth their weight in gold and will make sure you’re never left blubbing over sub-standard business cards or imploding over a sky-high invoice. Avalon is proud to be frequently recommended as a great local printer.