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Is it the end of life as we know it for Print Promotion and marketing?

When we at Avalon Print & Design started out, there was little or no mention of digital and social media marketing, now they are the industry Buzzwords. Some people thought that that with the advent of digital marketing, we could write the epitaph for Print promotion and marketing, not so, Print marketing still in our opinion, is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and get a response.

Digital marketing instead of hammering the proverbial nails in the print marketing coffin, has instead offered companies an opportunity to use print marketing in different ways.

Why do we at Avalon Print and Design believe that Print promotion and marketing is nowhere near the end of its life?  Here’s 3 Reasons why.

  1. The Youth of today see it as New & the older Generation know it– The younger generation who grew up in our digital society are so used to it, they see print marketing as new, receiving a personalised printed promotional piece is novel to them, and statistics show that 18-24 year olds are the second most responsive group to direct mail marketing.

The second most responsive group are the 65+ age group, who are used to print marketing, and they are now the ones with the most disposable income in our society, marketers would ignore them at their peril. To conclude on this point, in a recent study it was shown that 73% of people surveyed preferred print mail over email, again too huge a % for the modern day marketer to ignore.


  1. It has embraced digital technologyPrint Promotion and marketing is now used to work for the digital marketer by driving people to websites or app downloads and more. The marketer of today uses a combination of print and digital marketing as part of the integrated campaigns.


  1. Powerful, Personal, Economical and VersatileNo other marketing method can deliver a tangible and personalised message into a customer’s hands, making it powerful and personal. Personalised promotional pieces can be difficult to ignore and many customers eagerly anticipate the postman delivering it through their letterbox. Add to that the fact that print marketing is so versatile to use (whether it be a poster in a window or bus stop, or flyer on a shop counter, or anywhere to get your business noticed), digital marketing can’t offer that, and if it could, it would be a lot less economical that the printed material the marketer had used.

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