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At Avalon Print and Design, we encourage all our clients, whether revamping or starting from scratch on their website, to make it responsive. For the unsure, a responsive website involves designing it in such a way that its look and feel changes or “responds” according to the device on which it is being viewed.

To elaborate a little more, up until recently, most people would use the internet and browse sites on a PC or laptop, but now with the huge popularity in mobile smart devices, people now browse the internet on their tablet or smartphone. As a result, websites need to be responsive and change depending on the device that browsers are using, otherwise, text, imagery and functionality of your website may be affected if they have not been designed responsively.

So what other advantages do Responsive websites offer our clients? We have summarised the key reasons why you need a responsive website today.

Smart Device and mobile usage is growing every year.

It has now surpassed the laptop or desktop as a means of accessing the internet.

Better Experience for your website Visitors

The objective of any website should be to give your visitor the best browsing experience possible, if your website has been designed responsively, this will help fulfil this objective.

Google Recommends Responsive Design

Who are we to argue with Google? 67% of all internet searches go through the Google Search engine, and that’s growing daily.

Being ahead of your competitors

A lot of businesses so far have not embraced or understood the importance of responsive website design, so if you have?, this will give you a competitive advantage in a hugely competitive marketplace.

Helps solve admin problems & improve Search Engine Optimisation

Some website owners had tried to solve the problem by having two separate sites, one for mobile and one for a laptop; however this can cause administration headaches as well diluting your page ranking on SEO as there are two sites on different website addresses for your potential visitors to choose from.

As discussed previously, mobile internet usage is on the rise and we can’t see it ever going backwards, so now is the time to review how your website looks and feels across all devices.

It’s simple, the easier it is for a potential customer to view and use your site, the more likely they are to do business with you, so can you afford not to have your website designed responsively?