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Does short run printing make sense?

Giving our customers the best return on investment (ROI) is one of our core philosophies at Avalon Print and Design, no matter what the job may be. One superb way to increase your print marketing return on investment is to print as many brochures, business cards, flyers or other promotional material as our clients would use in a single run. That’s because the greater your print volume, the less your price-per-piece. The savings can be dramatic, especially for large runs. However, there are times when short-run printing makes more sense.

Our list below highlights not only when short run printing makes sense, but when the best option for the print marketer is.

A Limited Promotional Offer
If your promotional offer is aimed to a small geographic location, or a small market niche, short run printing could prove to be the most economical way to get your material printed.

Market Testing
If you want to maximise your direct-mail marketing return on investment, it’s a good idea to test multiple versions of your printed promotional collateral. It may help you identify which yields the greatest response rate before you commit to a larger campaign.

Changes Galore
Some companies continually change their core marketing materials, such as adding new offers, promotions and details to their printed material. If your marketing materials are subject to frequent changes, short-run printing is the best solution for making continual changes economically. Personalised or Customized campaigns If you design custom, personalised pieces for your clients – such as art prints or letterhead samples, for example – then short-run printing is the best way to print just a few pieces at a time and for a limited market. Some clients only need a few printed pieces, which makes short-run printing the most affordable option.

Limited budget
Finally, if your business doesn’t have the budget to purchase all the letterhead, envelopes, brochures, business cards and other marketing materials it needs for the year all at once, short-run printing provides an affordable alternative that will help keep you in business so you can earn greater profits.

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