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If you own a bricks and mortar business, you can usually stand, look, listen & observe the interactions with your customers and then implement improvements. However in the online world, you don’t have that option per se, so our web team has identified below some useful ways to improve your website, that you can action upon immediately.

Make it Responsive
With over 70% of people accessing the web now through mobile devices, if your website is not responsive already, you have lost major opportunities for new business. A big No No.

Keep Content Fresh
Just like a shop can change its window displays regularly, so too should your website. People will get bored of the same old stuff over and over on your site. A regular blog is great to keep content fresh.

Shareable & Interactive Content
Ensure all your content whether it’s a blog, news, reviews, product, tips or service can be shared on social media, as customers can be your greatest brand ambassadors. This will also help your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Set Up & Review Metrics
Something as simple as having Google Analytics can give you great insight into how customers behave on your website and where they come from. It’s not only important to set these up, but they must be reviewed regularly if they are to be of optimum benefit to your online business.

Short Messaging
Keep your messaging on your site short & concise where possible.

Try using layered landing pages
Driving customers to your homepage is great, but directing them to landing pages that drill down deeper into the site is much more valuable.


By following these useful ways to improve your website, you will benefit immediately, and with little cost bar your own time.
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