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In our last article we looked at some of the most important aspects of web design (a subject dear to our hearts). This follow up gives you extra insight into the kind of stuff we are thinking about when we build your site.


Consistency is very important to the web layout. The whole website needs to have a common feel to it, the colour schemes need to be the same through-out and so does the font. Also, try and break up big sheets of text with sub-headings or images. That said, do not go too far, there is nothing worse than having images flying across the screen one moment and pieces of text popping up the next. Also have the proportions of your website laid out so that they are aesthetically pleasing.

Effective Content:

The layout of a web page is nothing if the content is no good. It is necessary to make sure the content is adjusted to the styles of users’ preferences as well as their browsing habits. There are many ways to optimise the writing to make it effective, here are a few pointers:

  • Use plain as well as objective language.
  • Use short phrase that are concise and to the point.


Make the most of your web design by using fewer visual cues. Keep everything short and sweet and as well only include those parts that are the most important. The clarity of the content is also important in that all of the components need to be designed so that the meanings do not come across as being ambiguous.

Web Development:

When it comes to the continual web development stage of your web design you must keep all the above points in mind. In addition, remember that everything has a life cycle. Texts always will need revisiting and updating and in some cases completely deleting, do not be afraid to change your work as you go.

All of the areas above are specialist areas of knowledge in their own right. In large agencies there can be teams of people devoted to just one. With this in mind, most businesses choose to engage a professional web design company to help them build a new website.

We offer professional web design and development at reasonable rates, just give us a call if you’re thinking about starting your new site.